Oh,welcome! Give me a minute…didn’t expect you this early. Let me think what to write…actually let me write what I think. Oops, I’m ruining the first impression, no? Tell you what, why don’t you come back in a while and act surprised. Give me a second shot at the first impression, okay? Bye for now.


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  1. Posted by radhika on September 28, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    hey,ramesh…wow!!that was entertaining…you have the beginings f an emotional blockbuster!! keep writing..


    • Guess this is what happens when one is confused about what one’s doing. When I wrote ad films they said it was big enough to be screenplays. When I wrote screenplays, they said those are better as blog posts. When I blog, you say it’s like a blockbuster. Or did you say bestseller? 🙂


  2. Posted by Jaikrit Rawat on September 28, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    Dear Ramesh,
    Ye Inner voice kya hai? First let’s get our outer voice on track.! For me there is no such thing as inner voice. It’s the outer voice which conveys all the meanings… normally phrased as subtext or between the lines.Some times it may be hidden in the words, and sometimes times spoken through actions or behavior. But it is always there. It’s up to the other person to decrypt it… if you have been secretive about it. No way can any one hide his real intentions or his real persona… After all life is science… every action and reaction, however minuscule is recorded. Reading it depends on the observer’s intent, grasping power and state of mind.
    So Sir, your wife either always knew that you need space for yourself but was too possessive to allow you the freedom or else she had unconsciously granted you that space but you were unaware of the same. human beings remain a riddle only as long as we let them remain so. Afraid to discover what we do not wish it to be!
    Jai Ho !


    • Sir, I agree. That which the outer voice hides (or what others don’t get) is what’s Inner Voice, no? Think of it as Inner Wear. Mostly unseen, uncomfortable, but required. He who has the courage to wear it out, is aptly called Superman.


  3. Posted by Leon Therattil on September 29, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    Hi Ramesh,
    The live -in voice is the inner conscience which has been given all freedom to tell us what we are. The interactions are so very lively.. as though an unfinished journey has just begun. Kudos to you. I look forwrd many more gems … You must seriuosly devlop this idea this concept into a move or a mega serial. Best of luck.


    • No original idea this. Has been done before. Guess it’s as old as…well, Inner Voices. But yes, as they say in Bollywood, this is no copy…just loosely inspired…very hatke!


  4. dear ramesh
    ram allaha and me. is very interesting. and very true. i think this is universal. you can make a film with this. everywhere the fight is going on on religion. this can be a international film.
    vikas malhar


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