Ram, Allah, or Me?


This is the Inner Voice speaking. No, not yours. Ramesh’s.

He’s still at that long chat with his wife. They’ve moved from the livingroom into the bedroom. No, not for what you think. Sound effects from there are more like those of a Kung-Fu Monkey series.

We don’t know if he’s gong to make it. Even if he does, we don’t know in what shape. The future of this blog hangs precariously on that outcome. But I don’t want this blog to end without having said what I have to say, here.

So I have broken into his blog.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is a hijack of the blog, albeit for one post. Stay calm and do as you are told. Don’t panic. There’s not going to be any bloodshed, just torture in the form of a painful sermon. If you sit back and co-operate by promising not to fall asleep, I’ll make it short.

Okay, close those chat windows, switch off your mobile phones and take those earphones off.

I’m going to sing a couple of old MGR hits for you. Their gist goes something like this:


When its windows and doors are thrown open

When its walls within are torn down

When its ceiling is blown away

Watch the mind raise a temple


Without priests, without rituals

Without chants, without fanfare

Witness a miracle right there

As a deity arises from within


Don’t start worshipping; don’t start praying

For the deity is you; just you

Don’t give it any power; don’t feel any pride

For the deity is just you; the real you


Come on now; let’s get on with life

Let’s turn the world into a heaven

Where only Gods reside

Where only such Gods reside

Ladies and gentlemen, your handcuff sign is now switched off, and you can relax.

What you have just read is, in a way, a 5 or 6 or 7000-year-old truth- the reason for all the goodness in this world, and for all the evil alongside.

It is the essence of spirituality.

Spiritual Gurus have sacrificed their entire lives to teach us that; and godmen make millions by ensuring we don’t.

All religions, rituals, scriptures and mythologies that were meant to be just means to help us get there, have become our end.

Think about it: Isn’t it foolish to have a temple and a God within us, and still go about searching for more all over the world?

What’s worse, we force others to be as foolish and join us in that search, for which we argue, fight, play politics, terrorise the world and destroy humanity.

All for a journey that’s eventually going to lead us all the way back to ourselves. But remember, on our way back we have to wade through all the corpses, gore and rubble we are leaving behind today.

It reminds me of the grandad who turned everything upside down, made everyone’s life miserable and brought the whole house down, in search of the spectacles on his forehead.

Opps! Got to go. Ramesh is desperately in need of help.

He’s looking for his spectacles; searching for his God.


I think.


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