WordPress blocks Rameshrabi


Dear Subscriber,

I believe that my post Losing is the new winning has not been delivered by mail to you. I am told that it is ‘too long’. I don’t believe them. I think it is a conspiracy to silence me. Did I hear you ask by whom? Well…let me think…umm…maybe the US? Maybe they think I am a Julian Assange in the making? But hey, I’m no ass and mine are not weaky leaks! Maybe it is Hollywood, not wanting talent to blossom in Bollywood? Maybe it is the Red Cross, to help those suffering? Maybe it is the Human Rights Commission, to stop atrocities on innocents? Maybe it is PETA…oops, sorry. Whatever it is, I think I need to fight back. We need to fight back. The post is available for you at www.rameshrabi.wordpress.com. Do visit it, like the millions of others who do it every day…okay, like the three others who do it once a month. I promise you, it will be better than receiving it by mail. The blog is airy, green and much more spacious than your cramped, crowded inbox. (I can’t imagine my post fighting for attention with all those meaningless forwards you receive every day.) Also, the experience is far better. It’s the difference between watching the Super Bowl on TV and watching it live, in the stadium; the difference between watching a movie on dvd and watching it on the big screen. So hoping to see you at the blog. And yes, bring your popcorn along, it is one long read.

I am keeping this short, so that this gets delivered. (Never written anything this short since I quit advertising.)

Thank you.



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