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  1. Posted by kumar ganesan on January 19, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    27th December. I come back from work and enter the lift. By Mistake press floor 2 instead of 1 and don’t even realise it till I reach the floor. The door opens and I see unfamiliar surroundings. Instantly I realise that I’m on the wrong floor. My first reaction is to close the lift door, but then a shriek of a woman holds me back. I get out of the lift and proceed towards the door of a flat where the voices come out loud and clear.

    The voices go on:

    “Bus karo…aur kitne zulm karoge mujh par…aur kitne paise mangvaoge mere mike se….”

    “Mere saamne zabaan ladati hai…saali” (Sound of a tight slap)

    Instinctively my hands reach for the door-bell and I ring it long.

    The door is opened by a Mr. Shrivastav, a man whom I regularly bump at the gym. He smiles and says, “Hey what’s up mate….”

    The voices still continue in the background. I realise that its coming from the television..probably a Hindi serial blaring out loud.

    I look sheepishly and say, “Sorry galat ghar mein bell bajaya”


    • I suggest you stay away from that Shrivastav. He’s not such a good man. He has a violent streak. Anyone who speaks like an Aussie and watches a nauseating serial in the nights of a festive week when the whole world is cheerful, can’t be trusted. And please don’t try taking him on. To start with, he can’t be a great friend of yours if his floor looks that unfamiliar. He’s also a regular at the gym considering you bump into him even on your occasional visits there. He most likely runs up to his second floor too. And you? You take the lift to even the first! Also, knowing you, while returning from work you are likely to be drunk. Pressing the wrong lift button can happen again. You might hear the melodrama again. But next time, it might not be from the tv. I suggest you listen carefully. Surely, you will hear background music too. So plug your ears. If the background music still plays in your head, it’s for real- you being drunk, that is. Ring that damn doorbell and run. My friend, I care for your well being more than Shrivastav’s wife’s 🙂


  2. Posted by kumar ganesan on January 22, 2011 at 5:11 pm



  3. Posted by kumar ganesan on January 22, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    why are you not writing these days…


    • Overworked! Cameron and Danny are pestering me for their next. Have to bail out Mani and Ashutosh from the shit they are in, while ducking Shankar for Enthiran-2. But not to worry. I will always find time to get back to my roots and spend quality time with the less fortunate 🙂


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