Ah, the joy of being Ramesh Rabindranath!


I find 31st December the most fascinating day of the year. Maybe it should be designated as Mind’s Day. For, on display is the biggest demonstration of the human mind’s power. How else to explain why the entire world wakes up in an upbeat mood, to a whole new spirit, feeling hopeful, confident and happy, on a day which, in reality, is as ordinary as any other?

This is one day when even an incurable pessimist (Yes, the one who can kill the beauty of a sunset by whining, ‘Alas, the sun is drowning!’) turns into an optimist. The famous example of half-full, half-empty glass just doesn’t work on this day- pessimists interpret it as, ‘Great, there’s space for more!’

It’s the only race where runners don’t mind the finish line becoming the start line of the next race. The losers, who huffed and puffed to the finish line, suddenly find new stamina and energy for a fresh 365m race. It’s the only time when winners readily agree for a rematch.

Wonderful, isn’t it?

But I have two issues with this otherwise perfect day.

One is how quickly we tend to forget the world’s greatest PR exercise for happiness. By the 2nd morning, if not the 1st, happiness becomes just a hangover. All that good cheer and positive vibes seem unfounded and stupid. Our daily grind takes over so very quickly.


Why can’t the party continue for the rest of the year? I’m not talking about drinking silly and dancing sillier. I’m talking about having the grandest party, in life’s most happening pub- our minds. Why can’t every evening be a New Day’s eve? Better still, why can’t every moment be a Next Moment’s eve, entered into with as much gusto? Why not?

But I guess, like most things ideal, it is easier said than done.

My second issue is with the greetings that go around at this time of the year.

“May all your prayers be answered!”

“May all your dreams be realised!”

“May all your wishes come true!”

Do we realise what a terrible place this world would become, if all of those actually happen? I dread to even think of their consequences.

Surely, my maid’s prayers aren’t to work more and ask for less? If her dreams were to be realised, she wouldn’t turn up tomorrow. Instead, I would have to report for work at her mansion.

What do you think, doctors pray for everyone’s good health? Moneylenders wish for everyone’s prosperity? Lawyers ask for peace and harmony in every home? Tuition teachers dream of all kids being born bright?

Oh, come on!

I know Swami HaHa Ananda is praying that I’d have the worst year of my life so that I’d run to him for a 15K solace. Religious fanatics are wishing that I’d be so disillusioned with life that I’d convert. Extremists are hoping I’d begin to hate humanity so much that I’d join their outfit.

There’s a neighbour out there hoping that I would, one of these days, turn into a buxom blonde. And another, waiting eagerly for me to turn gay.

Why go elsewhere, take my own family.

My dad would be overjoyed if I suddenly became Obama. My mom would find it cute if I became Abdul Kalam. My brother hopes I’d wake up as Mukesh Ambani (So that he can wake up as Anil). My wife is wondering when I’d become Abhishek Bachchan (So that she can be Aishwarya). My first son would be ecstatic if I changed into Sachin. And my second son prays that I get turned into a Pokemon.

Imagine poor me, a terrible cocktail of all that. Abdul Kalam’s hair-do, Sachin’s voice, Mukesh’s waistline, Abhishek’s box-office luck- A cartoon whom Osama is plotting furiously to kill.

I woke up last night from that nightmare, so very glad about my grey hair, bald head, paunch and unsold scripts.

Ah, the joy of being Ramesh Rabindranth!

Really, our state of mind is the only truth and the only thing under our control. All else are only prayers, wishes, hopes and dreams- the consequences of which are unknown, probably disastrous. And if they don’t happen, all we are left with are huge disappointments and frustrations. So why pray, wish, hope or dream? Just find a reason to be happy.

Look at it this way: Your moment of having to endure this post is now over. So, celebrate! Enter the next moment with no expectations, and it’s bound to be only better.



3 responses to this post.

  1. dear ramesh
    i am proud that you are my freind. you know that i cant write so much.
    vikas malhar


  2. a joy of being ramesh rabindranath. i read this. and i felt the life closely. verious dimentions. and celebrate.
    vikas malhar


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